Birthday Parties & Groups at The Mill, Bethlehem, PA

Birthday Parties and Group Events



With three awesome attractions under one roof AND a fantastic quick-service restaurant, THE MILL is perfect for birthday parties and amazing group events, field trips, team builders, scout troop parties, youth groups and any other organization that wants to have a blast! We have something for all ages, abilities and interests to enjoy, all under one 12,000 square-foot roof. Our party packages let you mix and match any of those attractions to make the most of your visit.

Novices AND laser tag aces love THE MILL. Our huge, multilevel laser tag arena is unrivaled anywhere in the east and features a state-of-the-art HELIOS™ phaser system with a variety of game formats. And, our trained and attentive “Mill foremen” will thoroughly prep your group to make the most of your experience.

THE MILL is also awesome for birthday parties and group events of all kinds because unlike other local party and fun centers, we have multiple attractions to choose from or mix and match. Play laser tag, bubble soccer, miniature golf or Aeroball, spend some time on our cool new arcade games and be sure to enjoy some fresh, hot, tasty food from our INdoor food truck, The Mill Grill!

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THE MILL is a perfect destination for a group event. for your youth group, sports team, athletic association, fraternity, sorority or any other organization that wants to have a great time together, celebrate a special occasion or build team spirit. Our ultra-immersive laser tag and mini-golf course are natural team bonding experiences that are as exciting as you would like to make them for your specific group needs. Finally, AEROBALL courts offer a high-intensity, high-flying vertical sports attraction that will test the fitness of your crew.

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THE MILL is a perfect destination for a company or organization team-building event. Businesses, nonprofits and other organizations that want to build team spirit and unity in a fun, something-for-everyone setting love THE MILL because our attractions range from low-key, low-impact to high-intensity activities. Our ultra-immersive laser tag and Aeroball trampoline basketball courts offer exhilarating, fun competitive opportunities for your team, staff, or group members to interact. And our retro-industrial-themed miniature golf course is more challenging than it might look at first glance and sure to bring smiles to the faces of every member or your team, regardless of age, ability or experience. To round out your team-building event, The Mill Grill offers some truly excellent quick-service food prepared with fresh ingredients in our INdoor food truck.

A typical team-building program at THE MILL includes 3-4 games of Ultra-Immersive Laser Tag or a combination of laser tag and/or miniature golf and Aeroball. Laser tag is by its very nature conducive to team-building and encourages communication, working together toward a common goal and critical thinking.

During your event your group will have exclusive use or both our Breakroom and Cafeteria, which combined can seat up to 80 participants. You are invited to use either or both rooms for additional programming (e.g., seminars, presentations, etc.) during the downtime between games or during food and beverage breaks.

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