Corporate Groups at The Mill



Helios Group Poster2THE MILL is a perfect destination for a company or organization team-building event.

Our ultra-immersive laser tag and bubble soccer games are natural team bonding experiences and as exciting and interactive as you would like us to make them, thanks to our variety of game formats and customized planning process. And our retro-industrial- themed miniature golf course is more challenging than it might look at first glance and sure to bring smiles to the faces of every member or your team, regardless of age, ability or experience. Add a couple of rounds of high-intensity Aeroball, too, if you’ve got members of your group who love basketball and high-flying competition. To round out your team-building event, The Mill Grill offers some truly excellent quick-service food prepared with fresh ingredients in our state-of-the-art indoor food truck.

A typical team-building program at THE MILL includes 3-4 games of Ultra-Immersive Laser Tag or a combination of laser tag, bubble soccer and possibly miniature golf or Aeroball, although we highly recommend laser tag as the “foundation” for your team.. Laser tag is by its very nature conducive to team-building and encourages communication, working together toward a common goal and critical thinking. Up to 20 people can play laser tag at a time at THE MILL.

During your event your group can add the exclusive use or both our Breakroom and Cafeteria, which combined can seat up to 80 participants. The cost to add this upgrade is only $50 per room. You are welcome to use either or both rooms for additional programming (e.g., seminars, presentations, etc.) during the downtime between games or during food and beverage breaks.

Build your team spirit while having FUN

Participants receive a pregame video briefing presented by one of our trained Foremen.At the end of each laser tag game, player scores are posted on one of the flatscreen TVs in our lobby and each player receives an individualized, comprehensive scorecard detailing individual and team performance. Using scorecards for analysis, our Foreman can meet with each team and facilitate the development of next game strategy. The degree of structure and input from our staff varies with your group’s goals and direction. Some teams need time to bond over shared challenges; others simply need to escape from the work environment to have some fun and get to know one another better. THE MILL is perfect for both…or any goal in between.

Our Team-Building Package is for a minimum of 10 guests and a maximum of 80 per booking so that we can ensure the best and most effective opportunity to achieve your organization’s goals. Every team-building event is tailored to YOUR organization’s goals and needs.

When planning your event, keep this in mind:

  • A laser tag game takes 15 minutes, and can include up to 20 players
  • A bubble soccer game takes 15 minutes and can include up to 6 players at a time per game
  • A round of 10 holes of mini golf takes 20-30 minutes. The course can comfortably accommodate 20 players
  • An Aeroball game takes from 5-15 minutes depending on the players’ stamina

Base price $200 for 10 to up to 20 participants, which includes one hour of the activities of your choice for that hour. Add private party rooms for meetings, seminars, presentations or dining for only $50 per room. We’ll work with you to split your group up as necessary to ensure you have a great time. Great food and drinks are available at extra cost from THE MILL GRILL; no outside food or drinks are permitted other than a celebratory cake, if you wish to bring one.

Number of Participants

Activity Time Price

(does not include private party room time. Please see above for details.)

10-20 1 Hour



2 Hours



3 Hours



4 Hours


$75 deposit required to hold your reservation. Deposit is non-refundable 21 days or less prior to event.

Available Days and Start Times for Group Events, Field Trips and Team Builders

Monday through Wednesday 10:00am to 4:00pm

Thursday 10:00am and 7:00pm

Friday 10:00am-2:00pm

Saturday and Sunday 9:00am and 10:00am


Then let’s do this! Call us at 610/865-1465 or email us.